Thursday, July 07, 2005

Back to the grind

Well, the vacation is over. We're back from a 10 day, 7 state trek that covered 2,600 miles of the upper midwest. It's good to be home.

And it sucks. Canon and I both agreed it wasn't exactly a relaxing vaction. It's just hard to relax with a 10-month-old who doesn't enjoy sleeping in the car. it just gets a little old when you average 8 hours a day driving. Were we crazy to attempt this trip? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes.

Even though Em's struggling to get back into her routine. I took her to the walk-in yesterday because she just wasn't being herself. I was glad to hear that nothing major is wrong, she's just crabby. Hey, she is our kid after all!

Anyway, it's back to the grind. Woo hoo.