Thursday, December 21, 2006

32 Below

So I made it to the third bar last night before I figured out that I had left my wallet, including my ID, on my kitchen table. The blonde server who was at least a decade younger than me kindly asked me to leave. At least I felt young again for a fleeting second. Because our babysitter is a high school student who had class this morning, I gave it up at that moment and we just called it a night. It was 9:03 p.m. But I had enjoyed a few rounds of yummy cocktails, a great dinner and a once-in-a-lifetime chocolate custard pie already, so I was ok with it.

And now I can tell everyone that I got kicked out of a bar and they'll assume I'm some kind of bad ass. It's always good to be vague.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Shameless Plug

Happy Birthday to ME!

I'm not doing anything even remotely birthday-like today, except being a slacker. But that's kinda an everyday thing.

Canon cleaned out our home office that for more than a year (ever since we got a real, professional studio) was just collecting junk. So now I have an official craft room with two countertops for beading and sewing. I plan to move my wrapping supplies down there next. For my birthday Em got me a TV for down there, and it's like my own little piece of heaven! Now I just have to paint over the hideous blue-green walls.

So, um, yeah, exciting storyl. Tune in next week for more adventures in, ah, my exciting life.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hello Boys & Girls

November is over? How did that happen so soon?

Well, I stunk up the NaBloPoMo but at least I posted more than in past months, so, um, go me!

It's hot in here. That's what happens when you crank up your space heater and close your office door. What? Did you hear that? I said 'close your office door.' It makes me so happy to be able to say that. Rosy cheeks and sweaty palms a happy employee make. At least in my case.

It's Dec. 8 and I just crossed three more names off my shopping list. I'm practically giddy! The shopping/gifting is going well so far this year. The decorating is done, with help from Em, which means she takes the ornaments off the tree and rearranges them every night. That's ok though. It's actually the dogs who have broken the most ornaments this year. I don't plan on a lot of baking, but I do plan on Christmas cards, and that certainly isn't done.

I'm also trying to get to the gym at least 3 days a week. With all the company and travelling we're doing, that's a steep goal, but I'm set on it. Maybe it's all the 'me time' that's helping me deal so well with the holiday stress this year.

Speaking of working out, I ran the Turkey Day 5K! Woooooot! It was really fun, thanks to my co-runners (shout-outs to the Shes Who Shall Not Be Named!) and the great weather. I definitely plan on doing that again.

So, erm, what's on your wish list?

I'm big into the relaxation this year... I want some massage gift cards and a weighted hula-hoop just like the ones at my gym. My biggest wish is for Canon to turn our old home office into a craft room for me, and you know what? I haven't told him that yet. I think I will right now.

Monday, November 20, 2006

In other news, I suck

Apparently being sick gives me license to ignore the "post every day" rule.


I'm trying to think of anything worth posting. I've been trying to do that for a week now. It's kind of like in college, where our columnsts would write the obligatory "writing about having nothing to write about" column. It pissed me off then, and it pisses me off now.

Sorry for wasting your time.

Ummmm, I finally committed to running a Turkey Day 5K, so if it doesn't kill me I'll be eating whatever I please for dinner and not feeling guilty about it. It's not actually the running part that scares me. It's the getting-up-at-the-ass-crack-of-dawn part that I'm not looking forward to.

Tonight I baked a second batch of " 'nacks" as Em calls them, to take with us for the holiday. I also bought all the ingredients to a fabulous roll-up appetizer that I'll throw together tomorrow morning. Then Wednesday, it's off to the in-laws for a well-earned vacation. I can't wait.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Murffle glerk hork

Don't get the flu.

I had it. Or maybe I still do. But at least I have it less than I had it over the weekend. What is it about being sick that just makes you want your mommy? I can tell you the opposite... being a mommy while sick is hell on earth. Man. You don't realize exactly how much you do for that lovable little leech until it physically pains you to do it. And that's with all the things she can do on her own. I guess she's not as independent as I was thinking she was.

Back when we were new (new together, at least) Canon was a pretty doting caregiver when I was sick. Maybe it's just familiarity or stress or the impossibility of being Mommy and Daddy and Nurse and Businessman all at once that overwhelms him. He did the best he could. He did a lot. I still wanted my mommy.

But now that I'm starting to feel better, I mostly just want a maid.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


well. I suck at the posting every day. Wow has stuff been happening.

My cousin got married today. My parents are here. Drama has ensued.

But I'm running through it. I even woke up before 8:30 and ran this morning. Whooo!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I (heart) SD. Mostly.

Today I am proud to be from South Dakoka.

Ok, I'm always proud to be a SoDak daughter, but today the voters have made my heart sing. (No, I don't live there anymore.) I was so afraid they'd pass the controversial abortion ban... the one that wanted to give doctors 5 years in prision for doing their jobs, while elevating the life (nevermind the health standards they'd force upon some of those babies) of the fetus over the health of the mother at all times. Until she's on death's doorstep, and then, hmmm, better think hard, Doctor.

Proponents of the bill wanted to use SD as an example, to take this law all the way up that long marble stairway of the law in Washington, D.C. They dreamed of using it to overturn Roe v. Wade.

But my peeps stood up for themselves, for their fellow mothers, and for their own human rights. Good for them.

Now if only they'd rejected that stupid constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. There's still work to do. But I'm so glad those annoying ads are over.

Oh, and Democrats and Republicans? STOP CALLING ME. I was going to vote before you each called me 4 times to remind me. Instead, you almost convinced me NOT TO.