Thursday, December 21, 2006

32 Below

So I made it to the third bar last night before I figured out that I had left my wallet, including my ID, on my kitchen table. The blonde server who was at least a decade younger than me kindly asked me to leave. At least I felt young again for a fleeting second. Because our babysitter is a high school student who had class this morning, I gave it up at that moment and we just called it a night. It was 9:03 p.m. But I had enjoyed a few rounds of yummy cocktails, a great dinner and a once-in-a-lifetime chocolate custard pie already, so I was ok with it.

And now I can tell everyone that I got kicked out of a bar and they'll assume I'm some kind of bad ass. It's always good to be vague.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! And best wishes for the new year. It's always fun to selectively edit the details in a story so you end up sounding like a bad-ass. I totally support that. ;)


dawn said...

that sounds like a perfectly delightful birthday. esp. the custard pie part :) well, that and the getting kicked out of the bar. fun times.

sorry for the belated wishes. your present it slowly making its way along with the christmas gifts too. :)