Saturday, March 26, 2005

Miss Independence

So last night we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and Em got her own high chair. And for the first time, we didn't turn it upside down and sit her car seat in it. She sat in it like the big girl that she is. And then she proceeded to drop all her toys on the floor, one-by-one.

Seriously, I didn't know that drop it/watch Mommy or Daddy pick it up game started so early. She thought it was great. She was even an equal-opportunity dropper. One on Mommy's side, one on Daddy's side. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.


And then we came home and went to bed at 9.

It seems like another lifetime ago, those days when my evening wouldn't even *begin* until 9 or 10. And it was. But I don't care. This is better in a million ways that I can't explain, and one that I can. It's a big, single-toothed silly grin.

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Fish outta waters hubby said...

yes we have progressed from dropping to throwing....that starts to involve nearby tables too!!! Yeehaw!! oh! and climbing that is fun.... :)