Monday, April 11, 2005

I have seen the future

... and it is poopy.

We're having a poopapalooza at our house. The baby has been bodysnatched by a Pooping Bandit. I hope it's the teething, because if it's not, I'm totally lost.

This is the same kid, who, just a few months ago, wouldn't poop. The same baby with the prunes, and the great formula search, and the infant suppositories, and the prunes. Yesterday she had four blowouts, one of which included an actual puddle. I'm so tuned into the poop I can smell it a room away. Or maybe it's just that bad.

The necessity of mulitple outfits is finally beginning to make sense to me.

Oh yeah, and she started saying Mama this week, which pretty much cancels out all the diapers.


Anonymous said...

ugh teething....we had this baby with the perfect, most untouched by cry and tantrum inducing diaper rash, bum in the whole universe...then teeth and let the rash and funny poops abound said the lord!

Mr. Elise

Anonymous said...

Hee hee, my husband is silly. Wow, a poopapalooza. Isn't exploding baby poop just the most fun thing ever? You have our sympathies!