Sunday, May 01, 2005

In A New Light

Tonight I got a new house.

I've lived here for 19 months, but it finally feels like mine. Isn't that stupid? All we did was switch a light fixture. But it was one of those little detail things that just makes this place feel like mine.

I remember when we bought our first house. It was a good house, but I just wasn't in love with it. I hated the wallpaper, and the whiteness. White carpet and white walls with white trim. One weekend, before I had a baby and two dogs, I stayed up all night painting and pulling up carpet while Canon was on a hunting trip. And on the day we replaced the Wonder Years-era light fixture that hung over the kitchen table, it turned into my house. It finally felt like home.

And now, so does this place. I don't know exactly what it is about the light fixtures, but it's amazing how much they can change the way I see a place. And apparently, the way I feel about it, too.

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Anonymous said...

That is awesome - I know just how you feel. When we first got our TV cabinet and could actually close the TV away instead of having it out in the middle of our tiny living room, I felt like a new woman and like we had moved to a new house. Suddenly it felt like my house. Same for when we finally repainted all three bedrooms to escape from the egregiously bad taste of the previous owners: Pepto-pink in the master bedroom, bad stenciling in the baby's room, and a horrible Easter-egg-gone-wrong color scheme in the office, featuring really bad purple sponge painting, so you could see the outlines of the sponges. And purple woodwork. It was atrocious.

I also get that new-house feeling whenever I clean. Probably because I clean so rarely! I just spent AN HOUR cleaning our bathroom. Whew, I'm exhausted!