Thursday, November 02, 2006

Day 2

It's the second day of the challenge and already I'm stumped! Those of you who are bored, bail out now, please.

Last night was Parents' Night at baby gymnastics. Em was her exuberant self during the evening. So proud that here Papa was there watching her. At the end, all the kids had to go stand on "stage" (a folded up gym mat) and do a big Ta-Dah! in front of the whole class. When they called Em's name, she went up there and before she even got on the stage, she straightened out the two footprints they were supposed to stand on. When everything was just so, she stood up and Ta-Dahed.

She gets this from her father.

Also, this morning, I was dresssed in pajama pants to go to the gym, and she comes out of my closet with a business-style button up shirt, insisting that I wear it. The babysitter enjoyed it, as well as the women at the gym. And yes, I did bring a T-shirt to change into.

I also put the button-up back on when I dressed for the day.

An update of the first non-family-non-acquaintance babysitting session.

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