Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Frenzy

I like election day. And I'm especially glad I don't have to cover them anymore.

There was a bat in our house last night. The third one since the spring. Looks like it's time to have that checked out. It's not so much the bats being in the house that bothers me (although that is troubling enough) but how the hell are they getting in? First there's a bird nest in my dryer vent and now bats. I hate projects that require effort.

I am Runner Hear Me Roar: my mile today was somewhere in the 13 range... but I didn't feel like death warmed over when I stepped off the treadmill, either.

Oh, hey, can someone overdose on dairy products? It seems all my little girl wants to eat these days is yogurt and cheese. Today she asked for that for breakfast and supper.

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Anonymous said...

Eek, bats. We had those in the house I grew up in. Not fun!

We are having a similar run on dairy in my house - Miss P and I went through 3 gallons of milk last week, just between the two of us.